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In the year 1994, Mr. Ho established a small workshop of hotel soaps production with a friend in his house.4 years later, he built a new & big factory in the industry area. From then on, the factory was running in aexpressway. Nowadays, we become one of China’s leading manufacturer of guest toiletries amenities of the hotels hospitality industry. We also export our products all over the world.

Our success can be attributed to our good family operation experience of staff.

Yajie Hotel Amenity Factory is located in Shunde District of Foshan City, which is the hometown of Kongfustar--Bruce Lee. Also Guangzhou port, Shenzhen Port HongKong within 100KM away from us.

We have been at the forefront of every development in the guest amenities industry. Long before it waspopular, even a widely raised issue, we are making our products as environmentally friendly as possible. Fexample, our soap noodle are all made from palm oil.

As a manufacturer, through 2 soap production lines, 1 ton of soap producing at least a day, 3 automaticsoap packing machines work together. A workshop produces hair & bath products with biodegradable formulas. At the same time, our workshop also have packaging, printing other processes etc.

Below are some interesting facts & figures about us.

-Yajie also has joint works in Yangzhou, Nanhai, Zhongshan.

-We work with some big local suppliers to supply over 100 hotels in China.

-We make over 300 tones of soap a year.

-We make 50K paper coffee cup a year.

-We make 1 million dental kits a year.

-We make over 2 million bath hair products a year.

-We make over 3 million of other amenities a year.

-In Asia, we export to HongKong, Malaysia, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Dubai, Singapore.

-In America, we export to USA, Canada.

-In Africa, we export to Nigeria, Kenya.

-In Oceania, we export to N ew Zealand, Australia.

-In Europe, we export to UK, France, Slovakia, Ukraine.

More than just a manufacturer for hospitality industry, we are a trusted partner who plays an integral role in shaping our customers’ brexperience. Let’s work together!