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Quality and Safety. Providing personal care products and accessories to your guests in a commercial environment is a great responsibility. As a company which cares deeply about our clients, we know that the heart of your business relies on quality. Quality you can trust.

We takes quality seriously - quality of products, quality of process, quality of service and quality of people. Our critical management touches every part of the process - from our workplace to your hotel and as such we steadfastly employ policies of safety and care. All of our products are dermatologically tested, safe-to-use and do not involve animal testing.

We make sure throughout our production process that mandatory and specific strict quality controls are employed, implemented by a management system that ensures all procedures, testing and processes are carried out with the utmost precision, care and safety.

International Standard. As most of our market share are from overseas countries, Yajie is proudly wears the international stamp of approval. Testament to our high standards of quality, our international quality certifications provide the assurance demanded and expected by discerning customers, to afford the peace-of-mind and confidence you want in supplying our products to your guests.

Environmental Awareness. Our mission is to create sustainable products towards creating a prosperous future and we believe that the beauty, functionality and affordability of our products is all the better when backed up by ecologically friendly and energy efficient measures.

Helping to minimise the carbon footprint and decrease the use of natural resources, Yajie works with this ethos to continue to create superior guest accessories for customers.